Thursday, 24 March 2016


Thozha Movie Review

Thozha makes you travel back in time for twenty years. Not that the movie is particularly nostalgic or that it evokes the finest of emotions - it is the script that would have been a hit in the early eighties. Director Sundareswaran subjects you to a melodramatic version of struggling-youngsters-making-it-big combined with a friend’s-sacrifice story. He also stages the hate-me-since-I-will-die-in-a-few-days sacrificial love story intertwined in a plot already ridden with too many clich├ęs.
Nitin Satya is a successful civil engineer among his friends, and doles out enough money to keep his friends going. His money sustains the friendship. His friends are: Premji, an unemployed and frustrated history graduate who swears by government jobs and is in search of one; Vasanth Vijay who is an aspiring amateur actor; Nitin who falls in love at first sight when visiting a village belle, and accidentally hurts his head.

He consults with the doctor only when it is too late and finds out that he has little time left to live. Predictably, in an attempt to sacrifice his love he performs a goofy trick that makes the village belle take the wrong decision about her life. Her brother seeks vengeance now and comes after him to the city. If you thought this is enough to put you off, it’s only half the story. The rest of what is left with the plot toils sluggishly and reaches its culmination with a happy and sad ending, which is a far from being poignant. 

The insipid plot ensures nothing rises above the mediocre mark – with the only relief coming in the form of Nitin and Vasanth Vijay. Although not a saving grace, Nitin can emote well, without melodrama. Vasanth Vijay stands next to Nitin in performance and the rest of the cast fade into oblivion even before we have left the theatre (even if you prefer not to stay till the end, that is!). Less said the better about Vennira Aadai Moorthy and Babylona’s tacky comedy track.
Thamil movie thozha  is oopiri in telugu 

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